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Our Story

As a child, my parents took my siblings and I camping in a little ‘71 Boler. We spent our summers in the Canadian prairies playing outside and with great friends around a campfire. When I relocated to the west coast, my wife and I decided to purchase a ‘76 Boler so we could start making memories of our own. 

After spending 12 months on a  major renovation from frame to fiberglass, it was ready to hit the road. In our Boler, we have rediscovered a love of being outside and have explored much of the beautiful province we call home. 

We didn’t expect to also find an entire vintage camper community that is full of creativity and nostalgia. After failing to find Boler branded apparel, I started making my own hats to display my new-found love of camping. This led me to obtain a trade-mark license agreement to provide other fans with Boler apparel. 

All of this has inspired me to create my own brand, Prairie & Peak Apparel. Prairie & Peak encompasses our history, passions and experiences. I hope to inspire others to create, explore and honor their past.